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Season 4

This season, we are talking to industry experts from localization to artificial intelligence, to the importance of perseverance. Season 4 brings a new set of guests to educate, motivate, and hopefully inspire you in and out of the workplace. 

Season 3

Season 3 brings you a brand new set of guests to give you insight on something that we think everyone could use some help on, which is wellness in the workplace. Hopefully, our guests and the topics will help make you a better leader, a better employee, and even a better person.

Season 2

This season we are switching it up a little bit, focusing on the most important aspect of the business, the people. Specifically, some of the amazing female leaders that we know and that we think should be shared with you all. We hope you enjoy!

Season 1

NEXT is a TransPerfect podcast about business, technology, and the future. This season we bring to you experts in the fields of retail, data governance, and dubbing, to answer all your questions.

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