NEXT Podcast


Tales from a Content Strategist with Micayla Greco

On this special episode of NEXT, Director of TransPerfect ContentLabs Zelena Khan sits down with the “Production Princess” herself, ContentLabs Media Project Manager, Micayla Greco, for a chat on all things content. They get real about context collapse, authenticity tax, and […]

Elevating Your EQ with Amanda Ryan

Have you ever considered that being able to regulate your emotions could be tied to your success? On this episode of NEXT, we have Amanda Ryan, certified leadership coach and President of G3 Life Sciences. She discusses how you can […]

Gaming Goes Global with Kayla Madsen

Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, Candy Crush; these games are all household names, but have you ever thought about what it looks like in another part of the world? Our guest Kayla Madsen, Director of Gaming Solutions at TransPerfect is […]

Going Ultra with Michele Graglia

Imagine waking up every day and being able to live your true purpose. Ultramarathon runner and author, Michele Graglia has been able to do just that, and on this episode he discusses what keeps him motivated, how he went from […]

Staying Savvy On Social Media With Sree Sreenivasan

Today we sat down with Social Media expert, Sree Srenivasan, to talk about creating a healthy digital presence for ourselves online. We also discuss the progress social media has made throughout time, and how Sree uses social media for his own brand, to produce shows and help others promote themselves.