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Jacques Barreau

Vice President of Media and Interactive Entertainment for TransPerfect MediaNEXT

About Jacques

Jacques has more than two decades of localization leadership success. He is Vice President of Media and Interactive Entertainment for Transperfect MediaNEXT, also known as the “Dean of Dubbing” where he guides the development of disruptive technologies that will bring dubbing and voiceover innovations to global entertainment media.

Jacques launched the MediaNEXT Dubbing Academy, which you can learn more about here:

Previously, he held senior-level roles at Warner Bros. where he oversaw localization for theatrical features, television programming, and interactive games in 40+ languages. His clients included Amazon, Netflix, Turner Broadcasting, and Lucasfilm.

Career highlights include delivery of high-quality entertainment media products aligned closely with local markets and cultures, meeting demands for large volumes, and rapid turnaround times to meet the booming needs of content producers. He facilitated expansion into markets around the world and fully satisfied the expectations of tech-savvy consumers using a range of platforms to access entertainment media. His worldwide releases include major Hollywood blockbusters such as Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter franchises.

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